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Our Past Champions

Our Past Champions


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  • Closes:
    in 1 day, 10 hours
  • 24hr Facts

    Did you know: The worst ever finishing record for the ’24 Hour Reliability Trial’ was in 1980. A record 163 entries started and only 19 finished.

    What lights can be used and how many can I run? …read more to find out!

    Where it all begins

    The 2017 Swann Insurance 24hr starts with the first rider leaving from the Eudunda Sporting Complex (Oval) on the Kapunda to Morgan Road. First rider leaves at t 11:01am on the 8th of July, and if all went well the first rider will return again at 11:01am on the 9th of July.

    The course is quite hard on both bike and rider, and there is usually an attrition rate of at least 50%. Last years trial turned out to be one of the toughest held in recent years due to the amount of rain received in the area during the event. Continue reading…

    Inspired by Winifred Wells

    Beetle Bayley is the organiser of P.A.M.S. Ride. He is currently undertaking fundraising and promoting P.A.M.S. Ride, and the woman whose achievements are the inspiration for this ride. As part of his fundraising endeavours, Beetle is participating in the 2017 Swann Insurance 24 Hour, and will line up as rider number 154 in the Rally category, mounted on his Royal Enfield 350 Classic motorcycle. Continue reading…

    Swann Insurance Continues Support

    Swann Insurance has confirmed their continued support as major sponsor for the 2017 event, and we are happy to have them on board for the eighth year as our major sponsor. The Swann Insurance 24hour will once again slot into the South Australian Reliability Trials Championship Series (SART) as round 4, and returns to Eudunda and surrounding districts.

    Supporting the 24

    Supporting the 24 – An endurance event on its own.

    The Swann Insurance 24 Hour Trial is known as Australia’s Ultimate Reliability Test and has a reputation as being one of the toughest events in Australia for motorcycle riders. But to attend and watch the 24 hour as a spectator has to be one of the most gruelling commitments to watching motorsport going around. Continue reading…