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Competitor FAQ

Q: Does my bike have to be registered to ride this event?

A: Yes, All machines must be registered and road worthy, they must comply to the Road Traffic Act and A.D.R’s. For competition only there is an exemption for Indicators, Rear Chain Guards and Pillion Passenger Foot Pegs.

Q: Can I ride in the open competition (the full event) on L plate or P1 Licence.

A: No, Night Driving Restriction Applies to P1 licence holders and Learner motorcyclists under 25 as from 28 July 2014. This includes anyone who has a P1 licence on 28 July 2014 and anyone who obtains a P1 licence on or after 28 July 2014.

This rule does NOT apply to P2 licence holders or motorcyclists under 25 who hold a P2 licence or a full car licence.

Q: Can I ride in the Open Class on a One Event Licence?

A: No, you are required to have a full National Competition Licence to ride the open Class.

Q: Can I check in before my due report time?
A: Yes, you can report sooner than your report time, but for every minute later than your report time, you will be penalised 60 points for every minute, or part of, late. Report time is 1 hour before your start time.

Q: What lights can be used and how many can I run?

A: Where a combination of headlights are fitted (Maximum 2), Halogen or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) is acceptable for either headlight as the illumination. At least one headlight must contain the high beam, and an effective short-range low beam behind the one lens.  Read more on this subject