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Entry Information

The 24hour is held in accordance with the current General Competition Rules (GCR’s) contained in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport,(M.O.M.S.), the Supplementary Rules contained in the South Australian Reliability Trials Supplementary Rule Book, and the Supplementary Regulations.

ELIGIBILITY: To ride in all classes including Rally you must hold a current Motorcycling Australia Senior National Licence or One Event Open Competition Licence. You must be a current member of an MA affiliated Motorcycle Club.

DRIVERS LICENCE: All Competitors including Rally must hold a current civil drivers licence (not applicable to sidecar passenger) of the appropriate class. All competitors must be a member of an MA affiliated Club. All Competitors must be 16 years of age or over.

RESTRICTED DRIVERS LICENCE HOLDERS: Any rider who holds a Learners Permit or P1 Provisional Licence cannot compete in the open category in this event, but may ride in the Rally Class and will ride Laps 1 & 4 only. The night driving restriction does NOT apply to P2 licence holders or motorcyclists under 25 who hold a P2 licence or a full car licence


MA – Annual Senior National Licence. This authorises the holder to compete in competition events for 12 months from the date of issue. The licence must be current before entering an event.

MA – Senior One Event Competition Licence. This authorises the holder to compete only in the current competition applied for. You can request a One Event Competition Licence through our online entry system when entering online. The Competition Secretary will apply for the licence on your behalf and have it available on the day for you to receive.

First Time Licence Applicants must prove to Motorcycling South Australia (MSA) that they have a basic knowledge of the rules relating to competition and competition protocol. Your knowledge will be tested in the form of a questionnaire based on this information. Contact MSA to complete the questionnaire.

COMPLIANCE WITH ROAD LAWS: All machines shall be covered by Registration and Third Party Insurance. Machine and rider shall comply with both the Road Traffic Act and the Motor Vehicles Act, and the regulations under those Acts, including ADR (Australian Design Rules) – (refer MOMS). Any competitor reported for any offence whilst such competitor is competing in this event will be excluded from the results. Transport SA Permit will be accepted.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP: The 24 Hour Trial is promoted by an Incorporated Organising Committee, therefore club membership will not be granted to competitors. All competitors, including Rally riders, must be a member of an MA affiliated Club to enter this event.

TO ENTER: To enter this event you can submit your entry online through your ridernet profile or follow the “Enter Online” link at, or by posting the official Entry Form included in the Supplementary Regulations, published on this website.

RIDING ORDER & NUMBER: All competitors start in numerical order, which has been allocated to each competitor by means of random draw. Each machine will display the competitor’s riding number on the left front side of the machine. Competitor numbers supplied by the organisers will be displayed displayed on the left and right side plates of the bike. Dimensions: of the numbers and bolt holes etc, will be included with Competitor Information after entry has closed.

Open Solo Open Sidecar
Class A Expert Solo – Unlimited Class C Expert Sidecar – Unlimited
Class D Clubman Solo – Open 2 Stroke Class K Clubman Sidecar – Unlimited
Class E Up to 270cc 4 Stroke Class J Masters Sidecar 45 Yrs and Over
Class F Clubman Solo – 271cc to 405cc 4 Stroke  
Class G Clubman Solo – 406cc to 470cc 4 Stroke Class P Solo & Sidecar Pre 1990
Class H Clubman Solo – 471cc & Over 4 Stroke  
Class L Ladies All Powers Rally
Class M Masters 55yrs & Over Class O Solo Laps 1&4
Class V Veteran 45 – 54 yrs Class N Sidecar Laps 1&4

Under Local Government Authority regulations, all machines, equipment and protective clothing must start in clean and good condition. If any machine, equipment or clothing is considered to be not clean when presented for scrutineering, the competitor will be EXCLUDED from starting the event.

Machines – Solo, Sidecar.
Only one machine, being that machine described at machine examination, is to be ridden by each competitor throughout the event. Sidecar machines shall be driven by the nominated Rider, and shall carry the nominated Passenger throughout the event.

All machines shall comply with the current GCR’s contained in the MA Manual of Motorcycle Sport, Road Traffic Act and A.D.R’s. Road Traffic permits are acceptable.

Registration Plate:
All registered machines must be fitted with a registration plate as issued by the motor registration division.            The number plate must not be bent or distorted from its original shape, this includes folding around the mudguard.

The plate must be positioned so that every figure and letter of the registration number is upright and it is read from left to right. Any part of the registration plate must not be obstructed by a tail light or reflector. The number plate must be illuminated when the lights are switched on.

All machines issued with permits must be fitted with a blank plate in similar position to where a registration plate would be mounted. The plate may be fabricated from metal, aluminium or durable plastic and shall be 215mm wide x 95mm high.

Rear view mirrors:
TWO (2) of 50mm diameter (minimum) required per machine and must be mounted on the handlebars in the fully extended position (not folded), when presented to machine examination.
The mirror glass must not be restricted by tape or any other obstacles that would impair the rider’s vision. Machine Examiners reserve the right to determine what is a suitable mirror and its location.

Tyres & Tubes:
As per Road Traffic Act, ADR’s and M.O.M.S.
SOLO & SIDECAR -A tyre is not permitted to be used if manufactured with the words “Not For Highway Use” or similar type wording on the tyre.
The use of motocross tyres is not acceptable. PENALTY – EXCLUSION.
The fitting of chains, bolts, spikes etc is forbidden.
Machine Examiners reserve the right to determine what a suitable tyre is.

Headlights (Maximum 2), with operational effective high and low beams minimum 25 watts must be fitted to the Motorcycle only.

Halogen, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) with an (E) standard, which can be switched from high to low beam is acceptable.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are acceptable as a direct replacement for H4 type halogen bulbs, in semi sealed headlights. The LED bulb must be switchable between high and low beam by means of the main headlight high/low-beam switch.

Lights that dim only, as a method of switching to low beam, are not acceptable. No lights other than those fitted to the machine can be used. A Penalty of exclusion will apply. For the purpose of this event a single light is constituted by a single light beam or multiple light beams in one sealed light unit.

NON (E) STANDARD Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights which cannot be switched to low beam by design will be accepted only for the auxiliary driving second headlight. Only one auxiliary light is allowed along with the main light, and any amount of individual LED’s can be used in the LED array, as long as they are in the one housing.

 High-Beam or auxiliary driving light maybe isolated by a separate switch, but the high-beam or driving light/s must not be operating when lights are switched to low-beam, and must be simultaneously switched off by means of the main headlight high/low-beam switch only, when lights are dipped to low-beam.  More>

Sidecars shall carry the regulation Clearance Lamp on the front of the Sidecar body and include a red light on the left-hand side rear. Taillights shall only be switched on and off at the headlight switch. NO separate switches.

All machines shall be required to have fitted and operating a rear brake light. TAIL lights must be visible at 200 metres; STOP light must be visible at 30 metres.

All machines are required to have a separate rear reflector, RED in colour. The dimensions shall not be less than 50mm round, or 25mm x 60mm rectangle. The Reflector must not obstruct any part of the registration plate.

Two reflectors, one either side, are required for sidecars. Reflective tape is not acceptable.

Handlebar levers shall comply with MOM.S and handlebar ends must be plugged, crossbar or centre pad must be fitted.

A warning device must be fitted and operational, the device must be continuous and audible to other road users.