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2020 Supp Regs

ENTRY: Registration through MA Ridernet.

Enter by logging in with your Ridernet profile. If you don’t have a current Ridernet profile, you will need to create a profile to enter this event and/or purchase a One Event Licence.

Entry Opens: Mon June 15th – Entry Closes: Tues 11th August 11.00pm EST

MEMBERSHIP: The Hardi 24hour Trial is promoted by an Incorporated Organising Committee, therefore club membership cannot be granted to competitors, all competitors including Rally riders must be a member of an MA Affiliated Club to enter this event.

RESTRICTED LICENCE HOLDERS: Any rider who holds a Learners Permit or P1 Provisional Licence cannot compete in the open category in this event, but may ride in the Rally Class and will ride Laps 1 & 4 only.

NOTE: Please read and understand – sec 36. Safety and Roadworthy Checks Thorough preparation, and adequate spares will see you to the finish line!

Included in this document is a Deed of appointment of temporary guardian.

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